can i change General_hat to Peaked_cap?

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Sounds logical. If you're up to it, I'm sure you could find more than what is currently tagged by looking in military_uniform + hat or if you're really feeling ambitious, hat in general =P

But yeah, I never would have thought to search general_hat, and while I'm not sure WHAT I would have searched, having the correct term in use is a better start than the made up tag.

after reading a list of military headgear it seems the types are rather plenty. to minimize ambiguity, it might be helpful then to keep military_cap as empty as possible, tagging the specific type if identified. the military_cap wiki will have a note being ambiguous and will redirect the user to a more particular type.

or we could also have these specific types implicate military_cap. but i'm not so sure we want populating an ambiguous tag. users might want or have a particular military_cap in mind when searching. they're just not familiar with the types i guess. so a wiki edit and specific tagging are more appropriate alternative solutions?

regarding the 3 posts in question, unless someone would disprove:

post #1087147 - the white seems to be dixie cup (though, we don't have this tag; dixie_cup_hat?). the rest: helmet, beret, etc... the fatigue baseball_cap-like headgear is probably a patrol_cap according to wikipedia . the red one is utility_cover / utility_cap / eight-pointed_cover from the same source .

post #1061988 - looks like a confederate army's hat. kepi? the tag appears to be used in the past but 0 post as of now.

post #1013209 - wikipedia says it's side_cap or garrison_cap.