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To be completely honest I'm not reading this thread - I don't want to spoil myself on one of my favorite ongoing shows, sorry I'm just a bad admin - but if it's what I assume it is (that Oshino Shinobu is probably the same as or closely related to some other already-tagged character with an excessively long name) then they will absolutely not be joined in any way and must remain separate tags as the image itself dictates. That has been danbooru policy for a long time. And it's one I'm very strict about.

Honestly, here's a good rule of thumb. Any time you need to add to the subject line of a character tag discussion, the answer is very likely "no don't ever ever ever do that." I can't think of any exceptions that have passed yet.

jxh2154 said:

Some how the way you've worded that makes me feel like I'm some kind of villain. All I wanted was clarification on the relationship of the tags so that the current situation of both tags being plastered on nearly all the same images could be resolved. If there was grounds to completely separate them, that was all I was looking for. I don't know enough of the characters to know if there is a difference, but when I see that someone went on and tagged all the images both tags for one character, I'm certainly going to know that something is wrong. If I don't have enough knowledge of the characters, what am I supposed to do? Just sit on my thumbs and ignore the problem that someone else generated? That just leaves all of the images as spoilers for someone else to run in to for the future.

Anyways, thanks Fencedude for the clarification. I'm going to undo the tagging of the person who mixed the two tags.

NWF_Renim said:
Some how the way you've worded that makes me feel like I'm some kind of villain.

Well, he admitted that he didn't read your post, so there was really no way for him to tell whether you were blatantly spoiling things or just confused about certain tags and not even knowing they're spoilers (as I am too, since I haven't seen the show or read anything about it).

The official subtitles splits her name up in that manner too, but uses hyphens aside from the three main parts

EDIT: On second thought, should actually propose aliases in a new thread where it won't be potentially mistaken for a spoiler: topic #10290