Tag implication: food_on_head -> object_on_head

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Bumping this ancient topic to question this implication. It's my understanding that fluids are not generally referred to as "objects", so object_on_head seems like the wrong tag for liquid foods like honey (post #1842490), chocolate (post #2404217), and mayonnaise (post #2804382). Moreover, the tag's wiki says that it is for objects "placed on the head to act as [conventional headgear]", which doesn't make much sense with these foods.

Should this implication be removed? The alternative, as I see it, is to restrict food_on_head to solid objects like apples and pancakes, but this would make the tag an anomaly among the other food_on_* tags like food_on_body and food_on_face, which are commonly used for fluids of various sorts.