Tag for source material quotation?

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Really not sure how to put this, and the many pages of forum results searching for "quote" and "official" daunt me, but is there and/or is there place for a tag of directly-quoted, unaltered dialogue from source materials (with further regards of if context or even who's quoted going into consideration)?

In this instance, I'm looking back at these Toriyama_Akira Dragon_Quest_IV wallpapers, which all quote the English script of the NDS version (broken and/or accented and all).

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kittey said:

Because that tag doesn’t exist and pool #1475 is for quotes?

I was suggesting that the new tag to be created be simply called "source_quote". I guess I should have worded it more clearly.

Whatever the tag is called, I think it should also apply to parody works which quote another copyright, e.g. post #1114093

Quoth the Wiki:
Text or dialogue in an image which is a direct quote from a copyright/series.

From the same material, or do quotes from other works count? From the pool linked above, we've got post #399858, post #799825, post #802448, post #847142, post #1046653, post #1062409, and post #1099180 (and probably others I missed).

What about famous quotes from real people not from a series? (e.g. post #203226)

Also, do all images with fansub fit this tag (except maybe parody subs)?

If the second one counts, you may wish to change the tag to quotation instead, since allowing the non-copyright remarks of someone like Shakespeare or St. Augustine would make the notion of a "source" kind of redundant with the definition of a quote or quotation.

If the third one counts, you'll need a tag implication.