Tag implication: strap_cleavage -> between_breasts

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Good question. Based on the description, it needs to be definitively between, but I'm not sure there's much harm in letting it apply to that post. It's a parody of the concept, and she does have breasts anyway, albeit small ones.

Discussion bump; was about to post this same implication. I'm +1 on this for now.

I wouldn't consider post #648367 to count towards this tag though. For there to be strap cleavage or π/ there has to be cleavage to begin with. It would defeat the purpose of the tag otherwise, as it would simply refer to any character wearing a shoulder strap across their body, even guys (of whom most should probably have little to no breasts to work with). π/ in itself on pixiv means "slash between breasts" (π being short for breasts).